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Dedicated to The Compton Police Department - in existence from 1888 until 2000. 

The streets of Compton are considered the toughest anywhere in the United States, but the cops who worked these streets were tougher.

This site was created by the Compton Police Officers who were a part of the last 20 years of the department. A time of great turbulence - with riots, murder of police officers, the beginning of Gangster Rap and the rise and fall of Death Row Records.

Investigations of the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls both lead back to the city of Compton. 

The Compton Police Officers' Association lead a fight to back the citizens of Compton against a corrupt local government. This lead to the dismantling of the Compton Police Department before the city officials themselves were voted out of office, indicted, and later jailed. 

The purpose of this site is to acknowledge our police department's efforts against the small lawless part of the community that was responsible for the majority of the crimes - the gangs.

The vast majority of citizens of Compton are law abiding and supportive of  police. The last several years in existence Compton P.D. recorded a downward trend in crime in the community. The citizens were very supportive of our efforts over the years. Many of the Compton police were from the community, and those who were not, learned from those who were. The officers have many friends in the community, and shared their concerns. We would like to thank all the citizens of Compton who supported us against the corrupt local government that shut us down. The community involvement of clergy, citizen leaders, and community members that supported us to the end was very heartening. These same leaders and citizens kept up the pressure after we were gone. The citizens got rid of the corrupt council members, and instilled a mayor and council of trust. The citizenry continues to mobilize to get people involved to stop the violence. We applaud the efforts of the citizens of Compton. Several local cities including South Gate and Lynwood have followed your lead, and are making local governments accountable.

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